Individual Technology Plans with SoE faculty

by Catherine Stephens 12. March 2015 10:58

MERIT staff have reached out broadly to tenure track SoE faculty with an invite to meet and take time to share an overview of faculty work focused on teaching, research and outreach.  Individual technology plan sessions are designed as listening sessions as faculty draw attention to approaches to technology integration and highlight progress, opportunities, and challenges.  MERIT staff take the time to highlight ways in which MERIT staff can assist, and help point faculty to MERIT, SoE and campus resources.

As the first round of interviews winds down, we extend a thank you to all faculty who have taken time to meet.  We look forward to future conversations.  SoE faculty are invited to contact Catherine Stephens to arrange time to meet and reconnect.


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New Titles in MERIT's Professional Collection

by Vince Jenkins 6. March 2015 09:50

Selected Issues in Contemporary Education


Authority and the Teacher, by William H. Kitchen.
Bloomsbury Academic, 2014
Summary:  Seeks to overturn the notion that authority is a restrictive force within education, serving only to stifle creativity and drown out the voice of the student.

     Teacher-student relationships

Prof LB 1033 K533 2014


The Go-To Guide for Engineering Curricula, PreK-5: Choosing and Using the Best Instructional Materials for Your Students, edited by Cary I. Sneider.
Corwin, 2015

     Science -- Experiments -- Study and teaching (Elementary
     Science projects -- Study and teaching (Elementary)
     Science -- Study and teaching (Elementary) -- Activity programs -- United States

Prof LB 1594 G68 2015


Men Who Teach Young Children: An International Perspective, by David Brody; foreword by Tim Rohrmann.
Institute of Education Press, 2014

     Male teachers
     Early childhood education

Prof LB 1775.6 B76 2014


Doing the Right Thing for Children: Eight Qualities of Leadership, by Maurice Sykes; foreword by Thomas Schultz, Ed. D.
First edition
Redleaf Press, 2014

     Early childhood education -- United States -- Administration
     Educational leadership -- United States
     Early childhood teachers -- Training of -- United States
     Early childhood educators -- United States

Prof LB 2822.6 S95 2014


Queer Teachers, Identity and Performativity, edited by Anne Harris and Emily M. Gray.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2014
Series: Palgrave studies in gender and education

     Gay teachers
     Lesbian teachers
     Sexual minorities -- Identity

Prof LB 2844.1 G39 Q43 2014


Effective Assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage, by Jan Dubiel.
Sage Publications, 2014

     Educational tests and measurements -- Great Britain
     Early childhood education -- Great Britain

Prof  LB 3056.G7 D83 2014


The Socially Just School: Making Space for Youth to Speak Back, by John Smyth, Barry Down, and Peter McInerney.
Springer, 2014
Sereis: Explorations of educational purpose ; v. 29

     Educational sociology
     Education -- Philosophy 

Prof LC 189 S58 2014


Stories of Men and Teaching: A New Narrative Approach to Understanding Masculinity and Education, by Ian Davis.
Springer, 2015
Series: SpringerBriefs in education

     Gender identity in education
     Male teachers -- Psychology   

Prof LC 212.9 D38 2015


Never-Ending Stories: Adaptation, Canonisation and Ideology in Children's Literature, edited by Sylvie Geerts and Sara Van den Bossche.
Academia Press, 2014

     Children's literature -- Adaptations -- History and criticism
     Canon (Literature)

Prof PN 1009.5 A33 N48 2014


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Web Developer and Consultant Position Vacancy

by Barb Smith 23. February 2015 14:53

MERIT is hiring a Web Developer and Consultant.  (See full Position Vacancy Listing PVL#81994)

The Web Developer and Consultant position works in MERIT, a media, library, and technology unit within the School of Education, as an entry-level web developer in a dedicated and talented team to provide web development services to academic departments, programs, and units in the School. The position reports to the Assistant Director for IT in MERIT.

The successful candidate will enthusiastically, cordially, and seamlessly collaborate with a diverse range of IT, design, and communication professionals inside and outside of MERIT to sustainably manage, develop, and deliver innovative websites that effectively communicate the mission, strategic priorities, and activities of the School of Education and its academic departments, programs, and units.

Please refer to the full listing for requirements and application guideines.  


MERIT Workshop Schedule Spring 2015

by Jim Jonas 22. January 2015 14:55

MERIT will be offering a variety of drop-in workshops during the spring semester.  Our workshops are designed to support teaching and learning with technology, with a focus on the needs of School of Education students, faculty, and staff.  Sessions are open to the greater UW campus and community as well.  No registration is required, so please stop by!

Full list of workshops and descriptions available here (link). 

Topics this semester include:
    •    Creating Teacher Observation Videos
    •    Managing your Citations with Zotero
    •    Act 31 Resources
    •    Google Apps for the Classroom
    •    Teaching Outside the Box: Building Makerspaces to Support Teaching, Research and Community Building
    •    Teaching with Primary Resources
    •    Interactive Whiteboards
    •    Personal Privacy in the Digital Age
    •    Designing and Printing Posters with PowerPoint
    •    Free Education Apps for iPad
    •    Concept Map Tools to Support Teaching and Learning


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Teaching Trends - New Titles in the Collection

by Vince Jenkins 22. January 2015 14:04

Teaching Today and In the Future


Math is a Verb: Activities and Lessons from Cultures Around the World, by Jim Barta, Ron Eglash, and Cathy Barkley.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc., 2014

Mathematics -- Social aspects.

PROF GN 476.15 B37 2014

Teaching Grammar & Punctuation in the Twenty-First Century, by Marion Terry.
Oxford University Press, 2014

English language -- Grammar -- Study and teaching
English language -- Punctuation -- Study and teaching

PROF LB 1576 T48 2014


Preparing for the Classroom: What Teachers Really Think About Teacher Education, by Kevin O. Mason.
Rowman & Littlefield, 2014

Teachers -- Training of -- United States.
Teachers -- Attitudes.

PROF LB 1707 M27 2014

Leading Schools in an Era of Declining Resources, by J. Howard Johnston and Ronald Williamson.
Routledge, 2014

Educational leadership -- United States.
Education -- United States -- Finance.

PROF LB 2805 J638 2014


#EdJourney: A Roadmap to the Future of Education, by Grant Lichtman.
Jossey-Bass, 2014

School improvement programs.

PROF LB 2822.8 L54 2014

Queer Teachers, Identity and Performativity, edited by Anne Harris and Emily M. Gray.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2014
Series: Palgrave studies in gender and education

Gay teachers.
Lesbian teachers.
Sexual minorities -- Identity.

PROF LB 2844.1 G39 Q43 2014

The Handbook for School Safety and Security: Best Practices and Procedures, edited by Lawrence J. Fennelly and Marianna A. Perry.
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2014

Schools -- Safety measures -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Schools -- Security measures -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
School violence -- Prevention -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.

PROF LB 2864.5 H36 2014


The Risk of School Rampage: Assessing and Preventing Threats of School Violence, by Eric Madfis.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

School violence -- Prevention.
School shootings -- Prevention.

PROF LB 3013.3 M244 2014

Catastrophic School Violence: A New Approach to Prevention, by Jared M. Scherz and Donna Scherz.
Rowman & Littlefield, 2014

School violence -- United States -- Prevention.

PROF LB 3013.32 S318 2014

Qualities of Education in a Globalised World, edited by Diane Brook Napier.

Sense Publishers, 2014

Educational tests and measurements.
Education and state.

PROF LB 3051 Q35 2014


Blueprint for Tomorrow: Redesigning Schools for Student-Centered Learning, by Prakash Nair.
Harvard Education Press, 2014

School buildings -- Design and construction.
School facilities -- Design and construction.

PROF LB 3205 N35 2014


The Socially Just School: Making Space for Youth to Speak Back, by John Smyth, Barry Down, and Peter McInerney.
Springer, 2014
Series: Explorations of educational purpose

Educational sociology.
Education -- Philosophy.

PROF LC 189 S58 2014

The Importance of Teaching Social Issues: Our Pedagogical Creeds, edited by Samuel Totten.
Routledge, 2015

Social justice -- Study and teaching
Social problems -- Study and teaching
Critical pedagogy

PROF LC 192.2 I47 2015


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Workshop Offered April 1,2: Question Generation for Qualitative Research Projects

by cschmieder 21. January 2015 20:32

Date:  April 1 & 2 (during Spring Break)

Time:  9:00 am – 3:00
Location: Room 236, Teacher Education Building (225 N. Mills)
Instructor:  Christian Schmieder, Qualitative Research Data Consultant (School of Education, MERIT Library) / Qualitative Research Specialist (UW Cooperative Extension, Program Development & Evaluation)

In this 2-day workshop, you will generate a question guide for your qualitative research project. In the process of sorting, assessing and modifying your questions, you will use the qualitative data analysis software MAXQDA. No prior knowledge of the software is necessary; the workshop specifically aims at integrating methodological and technical skill development.

At the end of the workshop, you will not only have a question guide that you can use in your research project. You will also understand the logic and basic use of Qualitative Data Analysis Software, and you will be a proficient user of the program MAXQDA.

In small groups, we will brainstorm questions for your project. We will review & assess them, sort & modify them, and finally mold the best and most useful questions into a question guide that you can use in your field work.

Since this workshop focuses on finishing a product (the question guide), it is required that every participant either has their own research project to work on (e.g. a Master’s or PhD thesis), or is involved in a research project that requires a set of qualitative questions.

Both individuals & research teams are welcome to sign up. The maximum number of participants is 15.

This workshop is made possible through MERIT’s Replicable Instructional Technology Infusion Grant & is supported by the School of Education’s Qualitative Research Methods Group.

Please contact Christian Schmieder ( to register.


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